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F-18 Hornet
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August 18th, 2015
Error Correction Part 2

All Pages should now work properly, including all subpages (enlarged images, page previews etc.). For this I had to seperately open 1067 *.html-documents! This will now no longer eat time I could be working on various models. Should you still encounter non-working pages, please let me know.

June 19th, 2015
Error Correction

The wrong encoding setting used in all *.html-files of this website was never a problem. With some changes in the browser or web programming, suddenly all these pages had become impossible to display in most browsers. To make the pages available again, I have to manually reset the encoding setting. I did so for the first 117 files. The most important pages of this website should therefore be available again. Others will follow (see orange field)

March 17th, 2015

6th Anniversary... signs of life...

Today this website has been online for 6 years. Please be assured, that Stahlhart is not dead, just in hibernation. Our metabolism is just moving very slow. Things will happen some time eventually.


August 3rd, 2014

As my current private and professional situation leaves me no time for papermodelling, I will be taking an indefinite Absence.
I sincerely hope, that the Cessna Tweet and the other 4 works in progress can be released some day, even though I dare not guess when. A big thank you to those who have written mail and asked,
I am happy this model is anticipated and am sorry to not give you better news.
Until my own Tweet can be released, I recommend the models by

Chiawatkom / Jack the Paperman (free) and

Murph's Models / Oddball productions (commercial)


March 17th, 2014
Stahlhart papercraft - 5th Anniversary

5 years ago today this website went online for the first time. It seems like a century ago, so much has happened.

While I wasn't able to present a new model for this special day, I still have some very special treats: Packagings, Instructions and Decals from models that I created in the pre-Stahlhart era, more than 20 years ago. The similarity to todays Stahlhart models is evident on them, even though these models had quite a different detail level.

Modelsoft - Packagings, Instructions and Decals

Mig-15 taking off



February 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends,
I haven't had the time or the heart to work on modeling projects for more than 4 months and I may not have for quite a while longer. It's really a pity, because I had big plans for this year, but I can't help it.
Be ensured that I will continue as soon as I can.




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Cessna Tweet

Cessna A/T-37 (Super) Tweet
(development interrupted)