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design Selbstbewegungsgerät  

behind the triangle-based grid of a traditional chinese window, a cityscape can be seen


125 x 230mm, 246 pages

This book was created in 2003 after my first stay in China and contains all my diary entries from those three months. The title comes from the chinese word for bicycle, zìxíngchē. If this word's three characters are translated seperately, they mean selbst (self), bewegen (move) and gerät (machine) in german, which results in Selbstbewegungsgerät (Self-moving-machine). This can imply a number of different meanings in german, including moving the psychological self in a mental way.


The design used living column titles to enable a reader to start reading were it seems interresting. The text is illustrated by my drawings from those three months.
This book was only printed one time for myself, as an eternal reminder of the my magic first three months in China.


A page of text with the illustration of a tower on the lower left side

  Photos (click to enlarge)  

A red book with yellow back and a triangle-grid-structure

  A page with a title, some chinese characters and the illustration of an incense burner    

The outside of the book

  The inner title page    


  a page of text with a very wide illustration at the bottom   a bracket of text encloses the illustration of two figures
    Pages with the Forbidden city   Pages with the Terrakotta warriors
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